A cabaret with liquor and music, glamor and black humor: A temporary collective of female-identified artists with roots in the Eastern Mediterranean deepens into the complexity of artists shared region of origin: Together they reveal the networks of cultures, nations and identities and their involvement within their stories and narratives, wishes and dreams.

What distinguishes individuals from their national identity and how can thinking be denationalized without giving up cultural identities? How can we talk with each other and work together taking account of privilege, political and social conflicts and cultural differences? Can this collaboration be an act of resistance against systemic oppression?

With the eyes of their ancestors and female role models from previous generations they take a look at the possibilities and necessities of artistic work in times of tightened patriarchy. Some things have changed and several things have stood – they are still looking for a new home. They insist on the right to complex identities, to get in contact and in exchange with unfamiliar bodies, to travel to unknown places – and to find a new home in exile again and again.

THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE Enana, Fulvia Dallal, Roni Katz, Sirine Malas, Lee Mèir, Moona Moon, Rasha Nahas and Miranda De La Frontera

… joint together as a temporary collective with the intention of starting up a contemporary cabaret together on 8th November 2016. All of them are artists, some of them are mothers, social workers, activists and yoga teachers. They have all left something behind in the Middle East region and found something in Berlin. Their artistic divisivenesses, cultural tensions, shared preferences, corresponding visions and individual dreams are going to be gloriously performed in front of your eyes for the first time.

GUESTS  Sandra Noeth, Kattrin Deufert, Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi

LIGHT Gretchen Blegen
CONCEPT  Roni Katz, Lee Méir
PRODUCTION  Annett Hardegen

A PRODUCTION BY  Roni Katz + Lee Méir in collaboration with Vierte Welt. Sponsored by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the Zurückgeben foundation.

MEDIA PARTNERS  Missy Magazine, taz.die tageszeitung