I’ve got a wound there, or imagine …

23th Mar 2018, 7 PM, Tomorrow Club KioskLange Str. 98, 44137 Dortmund, Route
25th Mar 2018, 6 PM, Lokal HarmonieHarmoniestr. 41, 47119 Duisburg, Route

A performative evening with singing and spoken words.

What happens if wounds travel through borders and if its presentation influences a person’s social appreciation? What does it look like if wounds constitute the intermediate textures of social affairs, if they connect people and reject them from each other?

BY AND WITH  André Lewski, Ebla Sadek

Theater Arbeit Duisburg | TAD

… initially emerged in 2003 as an intercultural youth theater in the socially extremely disadvantaged district of Bruckhausen in the city of Duisburg. In 2006 the first TAD production besides the youth theater work was an audio drama with migrants living in the Ruhr area: “Refugee Talks”. Since then TAD has been working continuously on the interface between art and social affairs: sometimes in stage productions with professional actors, regularly with amateur actors. By 2017 more than 20 research and artistic projects have been realized and therein 15 theatrical productions have been developed.

Since 2012 TAD has been continuously cooperating with the Syrian group “Ettijahatt – Independent Culture”. As the most recent collaboration and part III of the series “Now T_here” an international ensemble developed the trilingual premiere of the drama “عندما تبكي فرح | When Farah cries | When Farah cries” by Mudar Al Haggi.

As Part IV of “Now T_here” the series “Refugee Talks” has been developed.

WEB  theater-arbeit-duisburg.de 


Zum Finale von “Refugee Talks” sind am kommenden Wochenende noch einmal drei Performances zu erleben:

1.) “Ich habe da eine Wunde …” von Theater Arbeit Duisburg. Diese Performance von Ebla Sadek und André Lewski hat am FR 23.03. um 19 h PREMIERE im Tomorrow Club Kiosk in Dortmund, am SO 25.03. um 18 h beschließt ihre Aufführung im Duisburger Lokal Harmonie die Reihe “Refugee Talks”.

2.) Nach ihren gemeinsam absolvierten beeindruckenden Premieren am 24.02. im Tomorrow Club Kiosk zeigen das Transnationale Ensemble Labsa und Freie Radikale ihre Performances “Krieg” und “What`s up with that?” noch einmal gemeinsam – diesmal in Duisburg, am SA 24.03. ab 18 h im Lokal Harmonie.

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Einblicke in die Arbeit des Transnationalen Ensemble Labsa geben zwei zwischenzeitlich veröffentlichte Radiobeiträge mit Yacouba Coulibaly und Emilia Hagelganz: